We are now celebrating 80 years of the same family owned & operated Independent Insurance Agency in Ludlow representing 9 very stable and strong insurance companies.  We are happy to insure your home, autos, rental properties, recreational vehicles, an upcoming wedding, your business, travels to foreign lands, you name it and we will try and help you get the correct coverages to keep you safe!   Call or email us today...
802-228-8823    ludins@tds.net

We are pleased to introduce our two newest full time agents

     Meghann Galley and Tiffany Johnson

Audrey retired at the end of 2018 after 41 years of service!

Please introduce yourself to Meghann and Tiffany when you call.


Image result for memorial day remembranceMemorial Day - Let us never forget.......... 



**Upcoming events**

June 1st - Opening day at

                        Black River Academy Museum



Important Info

It is TICK season- please take precautions

Most of the tickborne diseases in Vermont are caused by bites from the blacklegged tick during early spring and late fall. The best way to prevent tickborne diseases is to prevent tick bites. Take these steps to protect yourself and your family from the diseases ticks spread:

- Use an EPA-registered insect repellent: https://www.epa.gov/insect-repellents/find-repellent-right-you
- Walk in the center of trails to avoid contact with overgrown grass, brush and leaf litter.
- Wear long pants and long sleeves.
- Check your whole body after being outdoors.
- If you spot a tick on your body, remove it using fine-tipped tweezers and pull straight up. Flush the tick down the toilet.
- Contact your health care provider if you get any of these symptoms after a tick bite: fever, headache, joint pain, muscle aches, fatigue, or rash. Symptoms can start 3 to 30 days after a tick bite.

Learn more at http://www.healthvermont.gov/BeTickSmart.

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We are an independent agency with the customer in mind. We have relationships with dozens of insurance companies, allowing you to get the right price with the right service. Whether you have the ideal history, preferred companies desire, or a not so perfect history, we find the right coverage, with the best company, at the best coverages & pricing for you. Make the latest changes to your policy directly from our website twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Use any of our convenient forms located at the left for policy service directly from your home or office.  As an independent insurance agent we can offer the right coverages with the personal touch you would expect from your neighborhood insurance agent.

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